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Transform your interiors with our contemporary range of chair table & sofa covers. Don’t forget to match the color of your furniture with the color of your walls! Covers cover any current harm to defenseless divides, like scratches on the legs or other uncovered places, as well as give a good wrap to broken down frump seats. Party Seat Covers are fundamental for giving broken down seats a renewed purpose for carrying on with life.


  • 90% Soft Polyester & 10% Spandex makes cover stretchable
  • It's 100% Water-Resistance, So any kind of liquid won't damage your chair.

  • It shields a sofa from an unplanned spill
  • It keeps dust out of the pads
  • It is not difficult to clean
  • Supplanting a cover then the entire sofa in the event of mishaps or mishaps is less exorbitant.
Because of its not difficult to-clean outside, slipcovered couches are planned to keep going for quite a long time — and they do. Yet, regardless of whether moderateness is really important, slipcovers are likewise a hero.




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